Some Day Makes Three Different “Best of 2013” Lists!


We’re very pleased to announce that Some Day by Shemi Zarhin has appeared on several lists of Best Books of the Year for 2013!

Praising the “lovable cast of characters” and “cinematic details, wry humor, and masterfully interwoven stories of love, lust, and magic,” World Literature Today, Words without Borders, and Tweed’s Magazine all placed Some Day on their list of the best books from 2013.

Moldova, the 51st State? Vladimir Lorchenkov’s Op-Ed Piece in The New York Times


In a New York Times Op-Ed piece from December 27, author Vladimir Lorchenkov asks, Is Moldova the 51st State? With poverty, alcoholism, emigration and corruption rates through the roof, America should expect a knocking on the door.

The Missing Year named one of The New Republic’s Best Books of 2013


The New Republic has named The Missing Year of Juan Salvatierra by Pedro Mairal one of the Best Books of 2013!

“Narration and evocation perform a savory duet in the Argentine novelist Pedro Mairal’s story of an idiosyncratic artist’s immense autobiographical murals and a son’s quietly impassioned efforts to do justice to his late father and his work. This surefooted exploration of the painter as a quixotic dreamer gives a South American twist to Balzac’s Unknown Masterpiece, with the seventeenth-century Parisian genius of the Frenchman’s classic tale replaced by a twentieth-century Argentine provincial whose work has come to the attention of a major European museum. Mairal’s quickening prose moves from the ordinary to the opulent and back again without skipping a beat. The Missing Year of Juan Salvatierrea will surely leave some readers thinking of Henry James’s tragicomic accounts of the artist’s life,” writes art critic Jed Perl.

Read the whole article and see the entire list here.

World Literature Today’s Notable Translations of 2013


Some Day by Shemi Zarhin and The Missing Year of Juan Salvatierra by Pedro Mairal were both recognized by World Literature Today on their list of Notable Translations of 2013!

The magazine, which has done interviews with translators Yardenne Greenspan (Some Day) and Nick Caistor (The Missing Year) in the past, called these books some the most exciting publications of the year.

Click here to see the entire list.

Interview in Publishing the World

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publishing the world


You can read a new interview with NVP cofounders Michael Wise and Ross Ufberg at

Publishing the World is a great website run by Brittany Hazelwood of the German Book Office and Samantha Steele of the French Publishers’ Agency, dedicated to  bringing more literature from around the world into the American living room.

Thanks to Brittany and Samantha, and we hope you enjoy the interview.

The Good Life Elsewhere Wins Translation Grant


Russian Institut Perevoda

New Vessel Press has been awarded a translation grant from the Institute of Translation in Russia (Институт Перевода) for The Good Life Elsewhere, the Russian-language novel by Moldovan author Vladimir Lorchenkov. The Good Life Elsewhere is a roaringly funny and grotesque novel detailing the adventures and misadventures of the residents of Larga, a poor Moldovan village, as they try to reach the Promised Land of Italy. We’re proud of this, our first translation award, and we’re even more proud of the novel we’ve received it for. We look forward to sharing this great book with you soon.