The Animal Gazer

A hypnotic novel inspired by the strange and fascinating life of sculptor Rembrandt Bugatti, brother of the fabled automaker. With World War One closing in and the Belle Époque teetering to a close, Bugatti leaves his native Milan for Paris, and then volunteers in Antwerp during the war. While there, he obsessively observes and sculpts the baboons, giraffes and panthers in the zoo, finding empathy with their plight, identifying with their life in captivity. As the Germans drop bombs over the city, the Belgian authorities are forced to make a heart-wrenching decision about the fate of the caged animals, and Bugatti is stricken with grief from which he’ll never recover. His own end follows suit shortly: he returns to Paris, and at the age of 31, he is dead of suicide.

Rembrandt Bugatti’s work is now displayed in major art museums around the world and routinely fetches millions at auction. Edgardo Franzosini recreates the young artist’s life with intense lyricism, passion and sensitivity.

Excerpt from The Animal Gazer