Nick Caistor is a translator, journalist and author of non-fiction books. He has translated some 40 books from Spanish and Portuguese. These include works by Paulo Coelho, Alan Pauls, Martin Kohan, Eduardo Mendoza, Juan Marsé and Manuel Vázquez Montalban. He has twice been awarded the Valle-Inclán prize for translation, while his recent short biography of Che Guevara was praised as “a biography of Che Guevara for grown-ups.” He has also published a “Critical Life” of the Mexican poet Octavio Paz and a cultural history of Mexico City. He has recently published a study of the Cuban leader Fidel Castro, and is translating several of the new generation of Argentinian writers. As a journalist, he has presented and produced many programs on Britain’s Radio 4 and the BBC World Service, and contributes regularly to the TLS and Guardian. Nick lives in Norwich, England with his wife, Amanda Hopkinson.


“Translating Latin America”: An Interview with Nick Caistor, Translator of The Missing Year of Juan Salvatierra