from India

A Very Indian Christmas

Few countries celebrate religious and cultural festivals with greater passion, imagination, and joy than India. And among the many festivals of this gloriously diverse, multicultural nation is Christmas. The Christian communities of India celebrate the birth of Christ with food, music, lights, prayer, family gatherings,...

from France

The Propagandist

In a grand Paris apartment, a young girl attends gatherings regularly organized by her mother. The women talk about beauty secrets and gossip, but the mood grows dark when the past, notably World War II, comes under coded discussion in hushed tones. Years later, the...

from Russia

The Lady of the Mine

The mystical laundress at the center of this novel is obsessed with purity. Her task is formidable as she stands guard over a sealed shaft at a Ukrainian coal mine that hides terrible truths. The bodies of dead Jews lying in its depths seem to...

from Germany/Afghanistan


How do power and beauty join forces to determine who is considered ugly? What role does that ugliness play in fomenting hatred? Moshtari Hilal, an Afghan-born author and artist who lives in Germany, has written a touching, intimate, and highly political book. Dense body hair,...

from Israel/United States

The Hebrew Teacher

Three Israeli women, their lives altered by immigration to the United States, seek to overcome crises. Ilana is a veteran Hebrew instructor at a Midwestern college who has built her life around her career. When a young Hebrew literature professor joins the faculty, she finds...

from France

Café Unfiltered

At a classic café in the French provinces, anonymity, chance encounters, and traumatic pasts collide against the muted background of global instability. Jean-Philippe Blondel, author of the bestselling The 6:41 to Paris, presents a moving fresco of intertwined destinies portrayed with humor, insight, and tenderness....

from Israel

Professor Schiff’s Guilt

An Israeli professor travels to a fictitious West African nation to trace a slave-trading ancestor, only to be imprisoned under a new law barring successive generations from profiting off the proceeds of slavery. But before departing from Tel Aviv, the protagonist falls in love with...

from Russia

A Present Past

The Soviet and post-Soviet world, with its untold multitude of crimes, is a natural breeding ground for ghost stories. No one writes them more movingly than Russian author Sergei Lebedev, who in this stunning volume probes a collective guilty conscience marked by otherworldliness and the denial of...

from Italy

Return to Latvia

Building upon her celebrated autobiography Distant Fathers, Italian author Marina Jarre returns to her native Latvia for the first time since she left as a ten-year-old girl in 1935. A masterful collage-like work that is part travelogue, part memoir, part ruminative essay.

from Brazil

The Words That Remain

Exploring Brazil’s little-known hinterland as well its urban haunts, this is a sweeping novel of repression, violence, and shame, along with their flip side: survival, endurance, and the ultimate triumph of an unforgettable figure on society’s margins.

One for Each Night

This rich medley of stories, poems, and essays features evocations of Chanukah by classic and contemporary authors including Sholom Aleichem, Nobel laureates S. Y. Agnon and Elie Wiesel, I. L. Peretz, Emma Lazarus, Theodor Herzl, Chaim Potok, Mark Strand, A. B. Yehoshua, Emma Green, Joanna...

from Spain

Of Saints and Miracles

A sensuous, astonishing portrayal of an outcast’s struggle to survive in a chaotic world of tragedy and magical splendor.

from Austria

Palace of Flies

An absorbing depiction of a famed author in crisis, revealing a state of personal upheaval at a time of profound societal change that speaks eloquently to our own.

from France

A Few Collectors

An utterly charming book of dazzling illustrations and intriguing tales about the often eccentric mindset of inveterate art collectors.

from Mexico

A Very Mexican Christmas

This seventh installment in our popular Very Christmas series is a celebration of the Mexican Yuletide spirit....

from Germany

Pollak’s Arm

Stimulating historical fiction for lovers of Rome and the world of antiquity centered on one of the greatest masterpieces of all time.

from Israel

Where I Am

A piercing novel about life abroad in a cultural setting not one’s own: Reut is an Israeli translator living in Paris with a French husband and their child. She’s made sacrifices for her family but now feels a simmering discontent and estrangement that erupts at...

from Italy

Distant Fathers

A singular autobiography by a rediscovered Italian author that movingly probes questions of time, language, womanhood, belonging and estrangement.

from France

The Vanished Collection

A Parisian memoir, written like a detective novel, about a quest into a forgotten past to achieve posthumous justice for a leading art collector and his descendants.

from Syria

Roundabout of Death

A chronicle of Aleppo’s destruction, a literary edifice erected as an unflinching response to the erasure of a once great city, that speaks eloquently of the fragmentation of human existence and the calamities of war.

from Russia


A psychological thriller about the historical trajectories of evil as the Kremlin sought to develop the ultimate venom to retaliate against its critics.

from Germany/Switzerland

The Piano Student

A novel involving an affair between one of the 20th century’s most celebrated pianists, Vladimir Horowitz, and his young male student in the 1930s—a riveting and sensitive tale of musical perfection, love, and longing denied, with multiple historical layers and insights into artistic creativity.

from Ireland

A Very Irish Christmas

The sixth volume in our popular Very Christmas series, this collection transports readers to the Emerald Isle with stories and poems sure to bring holiday cheer.

from France

Villa of Delirium

Along the French Riviera in the early 1900s, an illustrious family in thrall to classical antiquity builds a fabulous villa—a replica of a Greek palace, complete with marble columns and frescoes depicting mythological gods. This is a Greek epic for the modern era.

from Austria

I Belong to Vienna

A probing tale of heroism, identity and belonging, marked by a surprising freshness as a new generation comes to terms with history’s darkest era.

from Israel

The Drive

A compelling story of an urgent personal quest to reconcile duty, expectations and individual instinct....

from Italy

The Bishop’s Bedroom

A sultry, stylish psychological thriller executed with supreme literary finesse....

from Israel

And the Bride Closed the Door

A provocative and entertaining wedding day drama about contemporary Israel and the chaotic ups and downs of love everywhere.

from France


A dangerous intimacy emerges between a French teacher and a former student who has achieved art world celebrity; the painting of a portrait upturns both their lives.

from The Netherlands

Sleepless Night

The grande dame of Dutch literature recounts a story of romance and death punctuated by a midnight baking ritual.

from Russia

The Goose Fritz

A passion-filled family saga that takes readers through centuries of turmoil between Germany and Russia. A contemporary narrator searches archives and cemeteries across Europe, while pressing witnesses for keys to understanding both personal and political history.

from Switzerland

Allmen and the Pink Diamond

When an unimaginably valuable pink diamond goes missing, amorous adventures and diverting mishaps litter the path through a world of European high culture and luxury, with hard-knuckle forays into global financial markets and high tech moves to manipulate them.

from Austria, Germany, Switzerland

A Very German Christmas

The fifth volume in our popular Very Christmas series, this collection brings together traditional and contemporary holiday stories from Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

from Greece

What’s Left of the Night

A spellbinding novel based on the visit to Paris of C.P. Cavafy, one of the twentieth century’s greatest poets, filled with lyrical observations and infused with erotic desire.

from France

The Eye

An art adventure story that exposes readers to a secret, high-stakes profession involving masterpieces, massive amounts of money, and an intense love of painting.

from Switzerland

Allmen and the Dragonflies

A thrilling art heist escapade that evokes a world of European high culture and luxury, while plumbing the vicissitudes of less exalted human foibles and obsessions.

from Italy

Neapolitan Chronicles

A masterful classic of European literature that inspired Elena Ferrante’s depiction of Naples in her bestselling novels....

from Italy

The Animal Gazer

The hypnotic tale of a masterful sculptor increasingly obsessed with animals as he and Europe teeter on the brink of the World War One.

from France

The Madeleine Project

An audacious work of investigative journalism set in contemporary Paris that reads like a graphic novel for the digital age.

from Italy


A searing novel about a young African immigrant woman's dream of freedom in modern-day Rome and the bittersweet legacies of her past.

from Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden

A Very Scandinavian Christmas

A festive continuation of the very popular Very Christmas story collection from the very region where much traditional holiday imagery originates.

from Lebanon

Moving the Palace

A captivating modern-day Odyssey by a masterful Lebanese author in the tradition of Bruce Chatwin and Paul Theroux....

from Russia

The Year of the Comet

Acclaimed Russian author Sergei Lebedev depicts a vast empire coming apart at the seams, transforming a very public moment into something tender and personal, and writes with stunning beauty and shattering insight about childhood and the growing consciousness of a boy in the world.

from France

The Madonna of Notre Dame

This police novel illuminates the shadowy corners of Notre Dame Cathedral, shedding light on good and evil with wry humor.

from Italy

If Venice Dies

A passionate, eloquent plea to save the soul of one of the world’s greatest cities....

from Denmark

The Last Supper

A journey through the Middle East, investigating the often-overlooked plight of the beleaguered Christian minority living there....

from Germany

Animal Internet

In the wake of the Internet’s profound impact on society, an insightful exploration of how a new digital revolution will transform human ties with the natural world.

from Switzerland

The Last Weynfeldt

A refined page-turner about the international art market the probes the darker recesses of the heart....

from Russia


One of the first 21st century Russian novels to probe the legacy of the Soviet prison camp system, this masterful work represents an epic literary attempt to rescue history from the brink of oblivion.

from Italy

A Very Italian Christmas

The third in the very popular Very Christmas series, this volume brings together the best Italian Christmas stories of all time in an elegant and vibrant collection featuring classic tales and contemporary works.

from England

On the Run with Mary

Peter Rabbit meets Marquis de Sade—a youth and his talking dog romp through posh London streets in an unparalleled tale mirroring the horrors and joys of the twentieth century.

from France

The 6:41 to Paris

A brilliant psychological thriller constructed like an intensely intimate theater performance, a high-wire act of emotions on rails....

from Poland

Killing Auntie

A hilarious and provocative novel that's equal parts Crime and Punishment and Annie Hall....

from Israel

Alexandrian Summer

Love, lust, and the convulsions of history surge through this dazzling novel about a now vanished cosmopolitan world....

from France

Guys Like Me

An ode to a Paris rarely seen—a minutely-observed tale about searching for love and a new lease on life.

from Russia

A Very Russian Christmas

Crimson ribbons and troubled souls, landowners yearning for love, burning cheeks, salmon, and caviar. This is Russian Christmas celebrated in supreme pleasure and pain by the greatest of writers.

from France

A Very French Christmas

A continuation of the very popular Very Christmas Series, this collection brings together the best French Christmas stories of all time in an elegant and vibrant volume featuring classics by Guy de Maupassant and Alphonse Daudet.

from Poland

All Backs Were Turned

A story set in Israel of sexual passion, violence, and betrayal, in classic hardboiled prose. A noir novel with bite.

from Austria/Germany

Who is Martha?

A rollicking tale about facing death with verve and style, richly told with great feeling and historical depth....

from Austria/Japan

I Called Him Necktie

This is the Japanese “Catcher in the Rye” for the twenty-first century....

from Moldova

The Good Life Elsewhere

This is the hilarious, tragic and grotesque tale of a small village in Moldova, and everything its residents do to escape it—a book with wild imagination and heartbreaking honesty, grim appraisals alongside optimistic commentary about the nature of human striving.

from Italy


Elegant, witty and wicked, Pitigrilli’s classic novel was first published in Italian in 1921 and charts the comedy and tragedy of a young man’s downfall and the lure of a bygone era.

from Argentina

The Missing Year of Juan Salvatierra

A novel illuminating the links between art and life amid the intrigue of past family secrets that cast shadows on the present.

from Austria

Fanny von Arnstein: Daughter of the Enlightenment

A majestic biography of a major figure of European Jewry and women’s emancipation that spotlights a central era of cultural and social history.

from Poland

Killing the Second Dog

A hardboiled novel of deception and betrayal in 1950s Israel, where tough men and desperate women all play a role.

from Israel

Some Day

A gripping family saga, filled with sex, cooking and hypnotic writing that renders a painfully delicious vision of the individual lives behind Israel’s larger national story.