from Brazil

The Words That Remain

Exploring Brazil’s little-known hinterland as well its urban haunts, this is a sweeping novel of repression, violence, and shame, along with their flip side: survival, endurance, and the ultimate triumph of an unforgettable figure on society’s margins.

from Italy

Return to Latvia

Building upon her celebrated autobiography Distant Fathers, Italian author Marina Jarre returns to her native Latvia for the first time since she left as a ten-year-old girl in 1935. A masterful collage-like work that is part travelogue, part memoir, part ruminative essay.

from Russia

A Present Past

The Soviet and post-Soviet world, with its untold multitude of crimes, is a natural breeding ground for ghost stories. No one writes them more movingly than Russian author Sergei Lebedev, who in this stunning volume probes a collective guilty conscience marked by otherworldliness and the denial of...

from Israel

Professor Schiff’s Guilt

An Israeli professor travels to an imaginary West African nation to trace a slave-trading ancestor, only to be imprisoned under a new law barring successive generations from profiting off the proceeds of slavery. But before departing from Tel Aviv, the protagonist falls in love with...

from Israel

Where I Am

A piercing novel about the experience of a life abroad in a cultural setting not one’s own: Reut is an Israeli translator in Paris with a French husband and their child. But she feels isolated and misunderstood, resulting in a sense of estrangement that explodes...

from France

Café Unfiltered

At a classic café in the French provinces, anonymity, chance encounters and traumatic pasts collide against the muted background of global uncertainty. Jean-Philippe Blondel, author of the bestselling The 6:41 to Paris, presents a moving fresco of intertwined destinies portrayed with humor, insight, and tenderness....