from Italy


NVP-cocaine-front cover withstille Elegant, witty and wicked, Pitigrilli’s classic novel was first published in Italian in 1921 and charts the comedy and tragedy of a young man’s downfall and the lure of a bygone era....


from Argentina

The Missing Year of Juan Salvatierra

the_missing_year At the age of nine, Juan Salvatierra became mute following a horse riding accident. At twenty, he began secretly painting a series of long rolls of canvas in which he minutely detailed six decades of life in his village on Argentina’s river frontier with Uruguay....


from Moldova

The Good Life Elsewhere

the_good3 This is the hilarious, tragic and grotesque tale of Larga, a small village in Moldova, and everything its residents do to escape it. Every Largavite has his/her own pitiful story, and all of them dream of going to prosperous Italy as a solution to their...


from Austria

Fanny von Arnstein: Daughter of the Enlightenment

NVP-Fanny-cover-withMZW In 1776 Fanny von Arnstein, the daughter of the Jewish master of the royal mint in Berlin, came to Vienna as an 18-year-old bride, bringing with her the intellectual sharpness and vitality of her birthplace. In her youth, she was influenced by the philosopher Moses...


from Poland

Killing the Second Dog

NVP-Killing-Front cover Robert and Jacob are two tough, desperate men, exiled from their native Poland and adrift in the hot, nasty underworld of Tel Aviv. They are planning to run a scam on an American widow visiting the country with her young son. What follows is a...


from Israel

Some Day

pamphlet10_web On the shores of Israel’s Lake Kinneret lies the city of Tiberias, caught between reality and fantasy, where we find budding sexuality and a longing for great love. The air is saturated with smells of cooking and passion that lead to the housing project where seven-year-old...

Short Story

The House Call

cover-housecall He was born and raised in Moscow. He never knew the countryside, and factories had never interested him, nor had he ever visited them. But he’d had occasion to read about factories and to be a guest at the homes of factory owners and to...

Short Story

I Came to Spit on Your Graves

Spit on Your Graves I didn’t have the strength to stay home any longer. As usual, this “ideal wife,” who loved talking about her superb culinary skills and throwing out words like risotto, clair, and molecular gastronomy, didn’t cook worth a damn, rarely cleaned house, and the word “comfort”...

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The Wall Street Journal Tackles The Good Life Elsewhere

The Wall Street Journal reviewed The Good Life Elsewhere on April 12-13, writing that the novel “entertainingly illuminates the oft-forgotten country’s national neuroses.” More here.


Christine Shuttleworth, Translator, on Fanny von Arnstein

Christine Shuttleworth is the translator of Fanny von Arnstein: Daughter of the Enlightenment, which was published by New Vessel Press in 2013. Christine’s mother, Hilde Spiel, was the author of Fanny and the grand dame of Austrian letters; her father, Peter de Mendelssohn, was a German writer. Here, Christine reflects on how she got her […]


Arts Fuse reviews Killing the Second Dog

Troy Pozirekides at The Arts Fuse gives lengthy treatment of Killing the Second Dog, calling it “captivating as a stormy sea.” To read the full review, visit:


Wall Street Journal Reviews 3 by Marek Hlasko

Nathaniel Popkin reviews three books by Marek Hlakso in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal, including the recently published novel Killing the Second Dog, available now from New Vessel Press. Click here to read the article.


Some Pictures from the Marek Hlasko Tribute Evening @ KGB Bar

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Longlist for Best Translated Book Award 2014

We are pleased to announce that The Missing Year of Juan Salvatierra by Pedro Mairal, translated by Nick Caistor, was included on the 2014 Longlist for the Best Translated Book Award. You can see the announcement here – and keep checking back for more updates and to see if the novel has advanced to the next […]


Interview with Pedro Mairal at Tweed’s Magazine

Pedro Mairal talks about inspiration, style, and beaming books into outer space in this interview in Tweed’s Magazine.


From Cocaine to Fascism: Alexander Stille on Cocaine

Check out an abridged version of Alexander Stille’s Afterword to Pitigrilli’s Cocaine on the New York Review of Books blog. And find out who Pitigrilli called “a man above all adjectives.”


“Translating Latin America”: An Interview with Nick Caistor, Translator of The Missing Year of Juan Salvatierra

Learn lots of things from Nick Caistor, translator of The Missing Year of Juan Salvatierra, including why translation is a lonely business, in his interview here with World Literature Today.


“Translating a Certain Zarhin-ness”: Yardenne Greenspan on Translating Some Day

Read translator Yardenne Greenspan in World Literature Today discuss what it was like to translate a book as complicated, funny, and challenging as Some Day.