from Russia


oblivion_digital-4 In one of the first 21st century Russian novels to probe the legacy of the Soviet prison camp system, a young man travels to the vast wastelands of the Far North to uncover the truth about a shadowy neighbor who saved his life, and whom...


from Poland

All Backs Were Turned

All Backs Were Turned All Backs Were Turned, set in Israel, is a story of sexual passion, violence, and betrayal, in classic hardboiled prose. A noir novel with bite....


from Austria/Germany

Who is Martha?

NVP-Whoismartha-cover-jpg A rollicking tale about facing death with verve and style, richly told with great feeling and historical depth....


from Moldova

The Good Life Elsewhere

the_good3 This is the hilarious, tragic and grotesque tale of Larga, a small village in Moldova, and everything its residents do to escape it. Every Largavite has his/her own pitiful story, and all of them dream of going to prosperous Italy as a solution to their...


from Italy


NVP-cocaine-front cover withstille Elegant, witty and wicked, Pitigrilli’s classic novel was first published in Italian in 1921 and charts the comedy and tragedy of a young man’s downfall and the lure of a bygone era....


from Argentina

The Missing Year of Juan Salvatierra

the_missing_year At the age of nine, Juan Salvatierra became mute following a horse riding accident. At twenty, he began secretly painting a series of long rolls of canvas in which he minutely detailed six decades of life in his village on Argentina’s river frontier with Uruguay....


from Austria

Fanny von Arnstein: Daughter of the Enlightenment

NVP-Fanny-cover-withMZW In 1776 Fanny von Arnstein, the daughter of the Jewish master of the royal mint in Berlin, came to Vienna as an 18-year-old bride, bringing with her the intellectual sharpness and vitality of her birthplace. In her youth, she was influenced by the philosopher Moses...


from Poland

Killing the Second Dog

NVP-Killing-Front cover Robert and Jacob are two tough, desperate men, exiled from their native Poland and adrift in the hot, nasty underworld of Tel Aviv. They are planning to run a scam on an American widow visiting the country with her young son. What follows is a...


from Israel

Some Day

pamphlet10_web On the shores of Israel’s Lake Kinneret lies the city of Tiberias, caught between reality and fantasy, where we find budding sexuality and a longing for great love. The air is saturated with smells of cooking and passion that lead to the housing project where seven-year-old...

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Two Red Stars

Sergei Lebedev is the author of the forthcoming OBLIVION, a stunning debut novel about family, fate, untamed nature, Russia, and the legacy of the Soviet Union. Here’s a poem by Lebedev called “The Red Star,” which highlights some of the paradoxes and contradictions we must struggle with when examining Russia’s past. This poem, like Lebedev’s […]


Yitzhak Gormezano Goren on “resurrecting an extinct novel”

Yitzhak Gormezano Goren writes on Lit Hub about the joys of finding his novel Alexandrian Summer translated into English for the first time, and on revisiting the text as part of the translation and editing process: “So—how come it took another 37 years to see this novel in its English version, when there’s much Israeli […]


Alexandrian Summer in New York Magazine

New York Magazine has published their Approval Matrix for the week of 4/19. Yitzhak Gormezano Goren’s novel Alexandrian Summer occupies the top (right) spot. It is both highbrow and brilliant. Officially.

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His Life Was Short, All Backs Were Turned

The following is an adaptation of the Introduction by George Z. Gasyna to All Backs Were Turned, the novel by Marek Hlasko that New Vessel Press published two weeks ago. Gasyna is Associate Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Illinois. He has written extensively on 20th century Polish literature, exile and […]


Interview with Marjana Gaponenko

Nina Sparling, editorial intern at New Vessel Press, recently asked Marjana Gaponenko, the author of Who Is Martha? (translated by Arabella Spencer), a few questions about her majestic novel.  Der Spiegel calls the novel “a celebration of creation and all its wonders, full of the joy of life.”  Here’s what Gaponenko had to say. NVP: There is something […]


Interview with Milena Michiko Flašar

Nina Sparling, editorial intern at New Vessel Press, recently asked Milena Michiko Flašar, the author of I Called Him Necktie (translated by Sheila Dickie), a few questions about her impressive English-language debut novel. The book has received praise from a diverse range of voices, from O, The Oprah Magazine to Ruth Ozeki, to the Smithsonian’s book blog.  Here’s […]


Summer Reading – A French Story

The following is the first chapter of a novel called The Twenty-One Days of a Neurasthenic by Octave Mirbeau, a French author (1848-1917) with a reputation for good writing and good scandals. Nina Sparling, the editorial intern at New Vessel Press, is currently translating the novel, and this excerpt is courtesy of her. We hope you […]


A Difficult Lover and an Anti-Communist

A Difficult Lover and an Anti-Communist   “Marek asked me to come and tell you that he loves you.” The young Polish writer Marek Hlasko took German actress Sonja Ziemann’s breath away when he turned up on the film set of Eighth Day of the Week in Wroclaw in 1956. He didn’t speak a word of […]


A Discussion with Julita Mirkowicz, wife of Hlasko translator Tomasz Mirkowicz

Julita Mirkowicz translated various works of American literature into Polish, including Being There by Jerzy Kosinski and several novels by Paul Auster. She is also the wife of the late Tomasz Mirkowicz, who translated two books by the Polish writer Marek Hlasko. Killing the Second Dog was published by New Vessel Press in March 2014. In […]